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Video Editing

Video Editing 48 Hours

Video Editing

Course Information

  • Course Price
  • Place FSD Centre
  • Class Size 50 Learners
  • Course Duration 8 Weeks
  • Course Start May 25, 2019
  • Delivery Method 40% Self-paced and 60 % Instructor-led


This Short Course will prepare learners to understand new technologies, new techniques, best practices in video production and editing and how to establish or expand/upgrade their video production businesses.

A short non-formal course

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  1. Operate video camera efficiently and effectively
  2. Identify the lighting requirements for different scenes
  3. Cover studio based and filed production
  4. Operate the editing suite and use editing software
  5. Establish video production business and give business the needed level of exposure through online and social media platforms

Target Audience

School leavers, Unemployed youths, Business men/women, Artisans, Undergraduates.

Prerequisites Skills

  1. Ability to read and write
  2. Ability to operate video and still camera
  3. Basic computer literacy

Course Requirements

Requirements to be provided by learners

Description Specification
Laptop 1
Video Camera 1
Internet Connection -

Requirements to be provided by centre.institution

Class Room/Studio to accommodate at least 25 people
Television 2
Projector 1
Video Camera at least 3
Video Mixer 1
Editing Suit 2 with UPS
Internet Connection 3 month subscription